Custom Kinks where you can design your own custom video from the top British kinky film producers
Custom Kinks where you design your own kinky video


So you would like a custom video; we have had so many requests for custom made videos we thought OK, let’s do it. We have made it as easy as we can for you to get just what you want. We have been astounded by the success of our custom videos, it could be that we find just the right girls to work with, it could be the attention to detail in our scripting and shooting, it could be the expert editing and post production work that we put into each and every film Or, it could be all of these things that make us the leading producers of custom kinky videos. Our camera man and editor has been making films for over 30 years and is acknowledged to be one of the best producers in the business. We have access to some of the most attractive and sexy spanking and fetish models in the UK who will be pleased to appear in your video.

Please take a look at some of our web sites, there are links below, also to our clips sites where you can see over 2000samples of our films. Maybe you will find something here that fill your requirements or something that will give you an idea in developing your own idea.

                                                                                                      HOW TO START

That’s easy, we can use the model or models of our choice or you can chose from the British models you see on our web sites or maybe one you know. All you need to do to get things moving is to send us an idea, just a rough outline of what you would like to see. If we think we can help you with this and bring your fantasy or dream to life we will ask you for a more detailed script or scenario.

Send us your script, it does not need to be anything professional but should indicate how long you want it to run for, the number of actors and any other relevant information. We will let you know the cost and we take it from there.


Well we are primarily spanking and discipline film producers but also have a range of AGE REGRESSION, MOMMY, SCHOOLDAYS, SELF SPANKING and FEM DOM films and are very happy to look at all projects around these scenarios but please tell us if you have another idea. We are now producing films in lots of fetish scenarios so please don't be afraid to ask.


We do not charge for our own participation in the films but the more people you have in the film the more expensive, the same goes if you want some special location or special costumes that we do not have. We have a collection of school uniforms including Japanese schoolgirl, headmasters' gown and mortar board, various nurses uniforms and loads of different school knickers and little fancy panties. We film in a couple of different locations in the UK and at our home in Spain where there is ample room to film outdoors and in the swimming pool.

If we are currently filming with the girl you want then we may be able to make your film a little cheaper. You will know our regular girls from our web sites and from the current models section above.

We can film in the UK and Spain, if in Spain this can be more expensive if we have to fly the models out.
The length of the video may also affect the cost but that is not so important, we usually produce to around 30 mins and we find that to be enough time to cover most aspects of what we are trying to portray.


Your personal video will be produced on the latest 4K equipment using a two camera set up with professional sound and edited to the highest quality in 4K, all our videos can be watched as MP4 files on your regular 4K or HD TV to give the best impression or of course on your computer or even phone. We can deliver the video on memory stick or card or by direct download to your computer or our preferred method by WE TRANSFER.


Our editor is very experienced and takes great pains to give you the best edit of the material we shoot. All shoots are two camera shoots. He compiles it in the way which will give you all the shots you want to see and will need. If you want any "picture in picture" effects or split screen or slomo then these must be requested before the edit starts, ideally with your detailed scenario. We will not reedit unless there is a technical fault in the edited film.

We will not supply "raw footage", or camera files. The edit you will receive is the best edit that is possible with the footage that has been produced, we take great pains to include everything that is relevant to the story, you will miss nothing. It's all there!


To keep down the costs of the videos we will use your video at some time on our web sites, we only charge you what we pay the people who are taking part in your film unless you have any special requirements such as clothing or implements etc. that we need to purchase or rent. If you want the film to be exclusive to you then it will be more expensive

We can take payment by bank transfer or via PayPal. If you want your film to be exclusive this will obviously be more expensive.

If you want to go ahead then please contact us at: Give as many details as possible as to your requirements

Send your request or idea to us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Many thanks.

Sarah Stern

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